Important Message to Customers About Our New Domains Launch:, &

Dear customers,

As you have noticed, on December 5th, 2017, an upgraded version of our websites will be launched. We are eager to introduce you our new website: Meanwhile, three of our previous websites,, as well as, will become offline. To better serve our customers, we have decided to rename as and as; these are proudful changes which are meant to define us better as a Canadian company.

Resulting from these changes, the Shopper+ Family will now contain three websites:, and Do not worry, all the product lines and services that we offer will remain absolutely the same. Our customers will still be able to shop across all three websites, adding different products in the cart which will all be handled by our single checkout platform; these items will remain in the same order.

The concept of Shopper+ Family is pretty simple. Firstly, by being a local company situated in Montreal, we are dedicated to serve Canadians by providing a better service. Our Customer First” core value is one of the most important values that we believe in. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we offer our clientele higher quality product at the lowest price possible. At the same time, we’ve improved both our customer service and delivery efficiency by offering solid and reliable services where customers can enjoy a better shopping experience.

Why choose
Why choose

Secondly, by being an e-commerce retail company, we work hard to eliminate the middleman from the traditional retail industry. We do so by offering our customers the highest quality possible and therefore choose to only work with factories that lead in the industry. The benefit of removing the unnecessary middleman means we have more flexibility on cutting down the price while still maintaining a closer communication with the supplier. That is why we can react rapidly whenever there are product innovations; their functionality or appearance change based on the reviews and feedbacks that are provided by customers.

Over the past few years, we have created two major brands: PrimeCables & Moustache, in addition to our brands SortWise, CleanWise, GreenWise and Phat, through which we’ve successfully provided thousands of products to our customers with better cost-effective solutions to satisfy their needs.

After learning much through all the branding experience, we are now more capable and skilled to offer our customers more selections. For our site to look simpler, we decided combine a few of our older websites and improve them into

The slogan for means “Save time, live better”. We initially thought of “save money” instead, however we changed it since there are plenty of existing stores claiming to save money for their customers, which leads customers to spend a lot more time on average comparing prices (especially in traditional stores, where one can easily spend hours to shop for something they want). We believe that saving time = save money and thus, we want to break the common misconception of saving money, which truly and simply means to save your time.

The idea of helping customers to save time is simple; once a customer visits our website, they will no longer have the hassle of comparing prices across different websites as we will offer you the lowest price on the market. Additionally, our website offers the most basic and daily essentials you will require in your daily routine. With all the time you’ll save, you will be able to spend all your saved time doing much more important things; accompany your children, your family, doing outdoor workouts or even travelling. We believe our best retail service advantage is not just about helping customers to save money, moreover, to help our customers to save more time.

Even though is still far from being perfect, whether it’s the website functionality or product varieties, it’s our newest creation; we will therefore run it as a BETA site for a period of time to make sure that it’s userfriendly and error free. We will always welcome you with open arms if you have any concern or questions regard to our websites, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at

We have a strong belief that, in a near future, you will love as much as how you love Costco & Dollarama. We wish to thank you for all the support and critiques that will help us to improve and, of course, we also thank you for your time and consideration for being with us.




More about Shopper+ S-Points Club

Recently many of our customers ask about s-points. Let me here explain more.

What are Shopper+ S-points bonus points?

Bonus points are offered as part of our Shopper+ S-points Club program and can be collected on the purchase of most items sold on our web sites, Earn 20 S-Points for every 1 dollar spent on our websites or make use of our promotions.

If you are familiar with Optimum, Indigo PLUM rewards, Air-miles or Aeroplan, here you are, S-points is almost the same thing, when you shop, you collect Shopper+ rewards points, which is called S-Points. However, our S-Points is with some featured differences.

The top biggest difference is that, the rewarding rate of S-points when you shop at any site of Shopper+, is often higher than any of other rewards card. With a basic rewarding rate 2%, and an extra 2% for reviewing products you’ve bought and used, we often promote sales with 5 x, 8 x, and even 10 x points.

The second biggest difference is the usage of our S-Points, you may use them as credit cash to buy directly from Shopper+ family sites, what’s more, you may use them to buy many gift cards such as iTunes, Cineplex, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and so on.

How to collect S-points?

Our goal is to make you save more. We want to help you earn as much as possible, as often as possible. Earn when you shop! Earn when you review! Earn every time you spend! For us, it’s all about you!

We also make it easy to keep your S-Points active until you’re ready to turn them into great rewards. Never Expires!


Your rewards, your choice.

We’re thrilled to offer rewards that are real, relevant and all yours. With so many ways to redeem, redeeming S-Points is simple.

You’ve earned those S-Points, so when you’re ready, you can redeem them toward great rewards or earn more.

Welcome to our Shopper+ S-points club to start shopping!

Shopper+ is a family for new brands

Shopper+, our mission is to be Canada’s leading e-commerce network that offers specialized solutions and a remarkable shopping experience, focusing on home and small business essentials. We have been developing different new brands for our existing and growing one million Canadian customers.

Each brand represents a specialized solution for a vertical market, such as Moustache brand for printing supplies and office supplies, PrimeCables brand for cables, adapters and thousands of home accessories, Phat brand for extreme sporting, SortWise brand for home organization and CleanWise brand for home cleaning tools, etc.

Why can we sell products so cheap?

We imports directly from manufacturers all over the world with strictly quality control and products design. We are e-commerce, without local store cost, without middle layers transactional cost, without extra distribution cost, thus we can provide customers as low as possible prices, with strong quality and reliable service.

Why do we do branding?

For every niche product line, we want to be unique on the market, not only unique for design and function, but also unique as a brand. We operate each our branded product carefully, patiently and in a long run. We value most of our customers feedbacks and product reviews.