Office supplies every new hire needs


Supply your new employee with everything they need to stay organized and on top of their job duties. This can be bigger items such as pencil holders and label makers, or the smaller supplies like post-its and paperclips. Although they may not make use of all the supplies, you can be assured they will have access to everything they will need to stay organized.


File folders and expanding files is another major key in staying organized, leading to highest rates of productivity. Providing a place where your employee can store work materials will ensure nothing gets lost, and everything is easily accessible at any time.

Desktop accessories

Place a tape holder, stapler, stapler remover and scissors on the desk. This will avoid your employee from running around looking for them in the times they may need it. These accessories may not be a part of their day-to-day tasks, but will certainly come in handy at some point.

Branded Products

If your company has branded pens, post its or general inquiry business cards, make sure you hand a couple over on their first day. These are great to bring to meetings with clients, stakeholders or with any third party organization.

123ink Cartridges sells a wide range of office supplies, and office essentials.  Ordering from us is simple and convenient — customers can order online, via live chat, or by calling 1-866-979-7463. You can keep up to date with all our latest promotions on Facebook and Instagram @123inkcatridges.

How to Improve your Break Room

Often thought as a place to store your lunch or buy a snack from the vending machine, the break room can be a great common area in the office space for employee’s to decompress and socialize with their co-workers. In order to keep employee’s happy, companies need to offer more non-monetary incentives. A good break room can be one of these incentives.  Turn your break room into a temporary escape from the corporate pressures with these tips.

Free coffee and teaRolling in the office at 8 AM can be tough, and we don’t always have time to grab a coffee on the way in. A coffee at your desk makes catching up on emails much more bearable. Consider keeping a log where employees can mark when the coffee was last made, to make sure everyone can enjoy a fresh cup of Joe

Quiet times: Not everyone wants to get crazy on their breaks. To accommodate those who just want to catch their breath or read up on the news, consider setting dedicated “quiet hours” for the break room. These could be later in the afternoon, after everyone has had their lunch. Understanding that everyone deals with everyday stresses in different ways will help keep employees feeling appreciated.

Keep it clean: If you want your employee’s to see the break room as a relaxing environment, it needs to stay clean. Get everyone involved by creating a schedule delegating cleaning tasks to a different department, team or team member each week. Keep the cleaning supplies in the break room, so every team member can easily access them when they need to.

Bring the charge: Keep chargers for laptops, cell phones and other smart devices in the break room. Nothing is more frustrating than getting halfway through the day and realizing your phone is dying and you left your charger at home. Label all the chargers to make sure they stay in the office and aren’t brought home by accident.

A few break room changes can have a major, uplifting impact on productivity. You don’t need to break the bank to make these minor updates, and the return on investment in higher production, employee retention and better recruitment can be extremely profitable.

Shopper+ offers a wide range of office supplies and break room essentials, at very competitive prices. Improve your company culture and enhance the break room with Shopper+!




Are you still paying for Original cartridges? Why not Moustache?

123inkcartidges is proud to be selling our own Moustache brand at a very competitive price. The Moustache brand has all your printing needs covered and offers a wide range of office supplies, at 50% of the cost. With the Moustache 2 year anniversary right around the corner, we ask you, why buy from the other brands, when you can buy from our Moustache brand and still get the premium quality you are looking for?

Our printing solutions are compatible for wide range of printer brands and series. Our website allows you to select your printer brand, series and model and we will suggest which ink cartridge or toner will work for you. We make the process very easy and simple, so how can you say no?

The average employee uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper a year, costing somewhere between 6 and 13 cents per page. At the low end of that range, the average employee’s printing costs a business $600 per year, and at the high end, $1,300. Despite their great price, Moustache cartridges are high quality. This means businesses that switch to Moustache cartridges would only pay roughly $150 to $325 per employee, per year, without sacrificing quality. Depending on the size of your business, using Moustache products could mean huge savings for your company.

What’s even better than a cost effective solution? How easy it is to procure our Moustache products.  Ordering from us is simple and convenient — customers can order online, via live chat, or by calling 1-866-979-7463. We also offer a métro station pick-up service for Montreal residents, and customers living in Montreal and Vancouver can also pickup directly from our warehouse.

Start saving money and shop our wide range of Moustache products!

Enter our #MoustacheSelfie Contest!

The Moustache brand is turning two! We are celebrating by giving away 1 YEARS WORTH of ink or toner cartridges to 2 lucky winners! Be the office hero and enter our #MoustacheSelfie contest. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Take your best selfie using a Moustache product or the Moustache brand
  2. Share on social media using the hashtag #MoustacheSelfie
  3. Tag us in your posts so we can see your lovely selfies! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @123inkcartridges
  4. Cross your fingers and hope you win!

We will be announcing our winners in one month. You can enter as many times as you’d like! Contest only applies to Canadian residents.


Why buy from a Canadian brand?

Shopper + is proud to be a Canadian company. With a location is two Canadian cities, Montreal and Vancouver, we can help but brag about our Canadian pride. Canada has often been the butt end of many jokes, but we want to share with you why we think Canad-eh is the best darn country.

We treat our employees well

Canadian workers get at least two weeks and nine paid public holidays. (31) More women work here: For most of the past 40 years more American women have been in the labour market than in Canada, but after 2000 that changed—62 per cent of Canadian women are in the labour market

Multicultural Acceptance

Canada is a multicultural mosaic. With the racist and sexist rhetoric from our neighbours down North, it’s easy to forget the multicultural harmony that is our home and native land.

Political aggression

Canada is known for its progressive policies, like same sex marriage, gun laws and Universal Health Care. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose a gender-equal cabinet, his response perfectly summed up Canada’s attitude… “Because is 2016”


Most people in Canada speak English and one other language. French is widely taught and is the other official language of our country. Whatever your background, or the language you speak, it won’t be hard to find someone who you can communicate with.

Canadian pride

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) conducted a survey asking people in 36 countries to rank their general satisfaction level with life. Canadian’s ranked their life, on average, at 7.6, coming in third out of all countries. Basically, Canadian’s think living in Canada is pretty darn awesome, and we at Shopper + couldn’t agree more.

The Story of Moustache®

Moustache®, a brand of ShopperPlus, was created by Jack Zhan in 2003 when he was a McGill University computer science graduate student. He realized that the high cost of printing was a serious issue for students.

In an effort to address the problem, Zhan launched an e-commerce startup to sell high quality yet affordable compatible ink and toner cartridges, something the printing industry was sorely lacking. He was well equipped to do so, having been a programmer for (the world’s largest online retail platform) before studying at McGill.

Today, Moustache products save customers an average of 75% even though they often outperform the competition.

Moustache specializes in compatible cartridges (cartridges produced by a different manufacturer than your printer’s original cartridges) which work as well as brand name cartridges, but cost considerably less. Moustache is a product line of, Canada’s number one source for printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges. Our business helps consumers save up to 80% on their ink and toner cartridge purchases. Moustache was created to manufacture compatible ink and toner cartridges (which are available for purchase on the website) and high quality yet affordable office supplies (like pens, paper and post-it notes).

If you run a business and think saving money on ink and toner cartridges is not important, think again. Printer ink is more expensive than champagne, and offices guzzle it like water. The average employee uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper a year, costing somewhere between 6 and 13 cents per page. At the low end of that range, the average employee’s printing costs a business $600 per year, and at the high end, $1,300. Despite their great price, Moustache cartridges are high quality. This means businesses that switch to Moustache cartridges would only pay roughly $150 to $325 per employee, per year, without sacrificing quality. Depending on the size of your business, using Moustache products could mean huge savings for your company. For example, if you run a large company with 500 employees, your printing costs could drop from $650,000 to just $162,500 per year. That’s enough money saved annually to hire 10 new mid-level employees!

You may be wondering why the line is named ‘Moustache’. Moustaches have historically been used to add an air of distinction to fictional characters. Agatha Christie gave fictional detective Hercule Poirot a moustache as a symbol of his dignity, intelligence, and punctuality. Jack Zhan dubbed the product line Moustache so that his customers would think of these qualities when they encountered his products. Moustache’s products live up to the name. They are compatible with over 5,000 models from brands like Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard (HP), Samsung and Xerox; are certified by multiple industrial standards; and consistently outperform the competition.


Perhaps the best part about ordering Moustache ink and toner printer cartridges from is that you can count on free delivery from us if you order over $49 worth of our merchandise online. Customers located in Montreal can pick up their orders easily at more than 40 métro station dépanneurs across the city. The métro station pick-up service is free for all orders, and is very convenient for students and those without access to a vehicle. We hope to introduce a similar pick-up service in Toronto soon using In Post. This convenient service allows shoppers to purchase our products online and pick them up from secured lockers located across the GTA. Montreal and Vancouver clients can also pick up their orders straight from our local warehouses. Ordering from us is simple and convenient — customers can order online, via live chat, or by calling 1-866-979-7463.

Start saving money with Moustache, order today!

Moustache® Ink & Toner Cartridges

At Moustache®, we believe that product integrity should never be sacrificed for price. We are a Canadian brand built around high quality yet affordable products. Since 2007 we have sold affordable ink and toner cartridges that outperform the competition, and a wide variety of quality office supplies.

Why choose Moustache®?

  • We sell great quality products that outperform the competition
  • We offer incredible prices on ink and toner cartridges
  • We guarantee fast shipping and delivery

Even though our products perform better than the rest, you’ll save up to 85% when you shop with Moustache® (compared to using original cartridges below). We believe that quality is all that matters.


Confidence Based on Printing Quality

Moustache® ink and toner cartridges are the highest quality cartridges available online, and the most competitively priced. We conduct meticulous R&D to bring you the best ink and toner cartridge products possible for the lowest price.


But don’t take our word for it – Moustache® ink and toner cartridges are certified by multiple industrial standards! We also get rave reviews online, averaging 4.5/5 stars in over 8,000 online reviews.


In addition to our popular printing cartridges, we offer an ever growing range of office supplies, such as writing, paper & stationery, storage and desktop supplies. Moustache® has everything you need to set up or keep up a home or work space – whether it’s for 1 worker or 1,000!

We have warehouse locations on each coast to ensure easy and fast shipping of our products across Canada. In fact, we ship over 300,000 products every year!


We also price all of our products in Canadian dollars so you don’t get a nasty surprise currency conversion at checkout.

You can try Moustache® products risk-free. We can’t wait for you to see the difference Moustache® makes so our ink and toner cartridges come with a year warranty. We also offer Monday – Friday 24 hour customer service to ensure your questions are answered in a timely fashion and that you enjoy the best experience possible when you shop with us. Try Moustache® products today – our promise is: confidence based on quality.

Moustache® products are a cost effective printing solution for your business and home. Visit our website to learn more about out printing cartridges and other office supplies. Buy today!

Shopper+, your one-stop online shop!

Shopper+ is an one-stop online shop for high quality ink and toner cartridges, printers and office supplies, cables and adapters, cellphone and camera accessories, and more. Our company is committed to offering premiere products at the lowest prices possible. Shopper+ does everything possible to maximize your shopping experience. From customer support to our amazing return and refund policy, when you shop with Shopper+ you can shop with confidence.

We Are A Family!

Shopper+ is a family of life and business products. We’d love for you to get to know us and learn about what we have to offer:

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.05.40 PM

  • and is Canada’s number one source for printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges. sells items at the lowest prices possible, including compatible ink and toner cartridges and office supplies from its own in house brand, Moustache®. You can shop confidently with us because we offer a 365 Day Guarantee which allows you to return defective items anytime within the first year of possession. Learn more about our policies here.
  • is a wholesaler and retailer of custom cables and accessories for home theater, networking, and more professional studios. sells its own brand of cable and related products, PrimeCables®, which are designed to be stronger and safer than the competition. PrimeCables specializes in HDMI Cables, other Audio Video Accessories, and tv wall mounts. PrimeCables brand cables and TV wall mounts come with a lifetime warranty. Learn more about our policies here.
  • is a subsidiary of PhoneGala provides a great assortment of the latest exciting accessories for mobile devices.
  • is part of the family, created with the mission to provide quality photographic equipment, popular SLR, mirrorless cameras and hard-to-find accessories. This brand serves both professional and amateur photographers and carries a large selection of photo and video equipment.
  • is a wholesaler and retailer of custom lamp and lamp accessories for your home or office. LightingBox specializes in LED bulbs, lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lights and other related accessories.

Fast Shipping

A proudly Canadian company, Shopper+ ships its products affordably and quickly to Canadian shoppers across the country. Both the company’s head office and principal warehouse are located in Montreal with a Distribution Center in Vancouver, and a Branch Office in Guangzhou, China.

Our Mission

Shopper+’s mission is to be Canada’s leading e-commerce network that offers specialized solutions and a remarkable shopping experience, focusing on home and small business essentials. Our company’s core values influence every level of our operations — from our website to our shipping practices. These values include:

  • Our customers come first
  • We are committed to, and passionate about, quality products and service
  • We are committed to embracing change
  • We are focused on sharing and communicating clearly internally and with our customers

These cornerstones are the foundation of our company and are put in practice daily at Shopper+, helping us to deliver the best quality products, and excellent service, to our customers.

Why Shop With Us?

There are many reasons to shop with Shopper+. Here are the primary benefits of shopping with us:


But don’t take our word for it, check out what some of our happy customers had to say:

“Love ordering ink from this site! It is quality ink and very fast service! I have only had issues with the ink cartridges a couple times in the 4-5 years of using this ink. The issues were resolved very quickly and efficiently. Bought a new printer that used different ink. Just had to call, they gave me a return authorization number and that was it! Exchanged the not compatible ink for compatible ink! Easy!”

Catherine M – November, 2016

“Service rapide! Matériel de qualité! Que demander de mieux! Merci ShopperPlus!”

Mario M – January, 2017

“J’amais de problème a soumettre une demande et à recevoir dans un délais très raisonnable.”

Gérard D, Quebec, February 27, 2017

“Very easy to navigate. I have had no issues.”

Elmer N, Ontario, February 27, 2017

“Nice deal!! Thanks!”

J. Rolando D, Ontario, February 26, 2017

“Order arrives quickly and items very reasonably priced.”

John D, Ontario, February 26, 2017

If you want to join our happy customers, it’s important to note that Shopper+ is the parent-site of a family of 5 websites including;;; and Be sure to visit all of our websites to learn about our full product offering and product specialties.

More about Shopper+ S-Points Club

Recently many of our customers ask about s-points. Let me here explain more.

What are Shopper+ S-points bonus points?

Bonus points are offered as part of our Shopper+ S-points Club program and can be collected on the purchase of most items sold on our web sites, Earn 20 S-Points for every 1 dollar spent on our websites or make use of our promotions.

If you are familiar with Optimum, Indigo PLUM rewards, Air-miles or Aeroplan, here you are, S-points is almost the same thing, when you shop, you collect Shopper+ rewards points, which is called S-Points. However, our S-Points is with some featured differences.

The top biggest difference is that, the rewarding rate of S-points when you shop at any site of Shopper+, is often higher than any of other rewards card. With a basic rewarding rate 2%, and an extra 2% for reviewing products you’ve bought and used, we often promote sales with 5 x, 8 x, and even 10 x points.

The second biggest difference is the usage of our S-Points, you may use them as credit cash to buy directly from Shopper+ family sites, what’s more, you may use them to buy many gift cards such as iTunes, Cineplex, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and so on.

How to collect S-points?

Our goal is to make you save more. We want to help you earn as much as possible, as often as possible. Earn when you shop! Earn when you review! Earn every time you spend! For us, it’s all about you!

We also make it easy to keep your S-Points active until you’re ready to turn them into great rewards. Never Expires!


Your rewards, your choice.

We’re thrilled to offer rewards that are real, relevant and all yours. With so many ways to redeem, redeeming S-Points is simple.

You’ve earned those S-Points, so when you’re ready, you can redeem them toward great rewards or earn more.

Welcome to our Shopper+ S-points club to start shopping!

Shopper+ is a family for new brands

Shopper+, our mission is to be Canada’s leading e-commerce network that offers specialized solutions and a remarkable shopping experience, focusing on home and small business essentials. We have been developing different new brands for our existing and growing one million Canadian customers.

Each brand represents a specialized solution for a vertical market, such as Moustache brand for printing supplies and office supplies, PrimeCables brand for cables, adapters and thousands of home accessories, Phat brand for extreme sporting, SortWise brand for home organization and CleanWise brand for home cleaning tools, etc.

Why can we sell products so cheap?

We imports directly from manufacturers all over the world with strictly quality control and products design. We are e-commerce, without local store cost, without middle layers transactional cost, without extra distribution cost, thus we can provide customers as low as possible prices, with strong quality and reliable service.

Why do we do branding?

For every niche product line, we want to be unique on the market, not only unique for design and function, but also unique as a brand. We operate each our branded product carefully, patiently and in a long run. We value most of our customers feedbacks and product reviews.