Notice of Shopper+ Montreal Warehouse Relocation

Looking back to 5 years ago when we first moved to our present warehouse, we did not even think that one day we would be able to fill it completely full of our products. With the rapid growth in the past years, we have drastically expanded; our first website grew into three major Canadian renown websites, with the addition of multiple home brands and new channels. Today, our brands exist nearly everywhere including Amazon, eBay, Costco, Walmart, Best Buy and Staples with up to 30,000+ different products in our store for all Canadians.

During the past years, we have been following our company vision closely by constantly offering effective solutions and remarkable shopping experiences to all homes and businesses. Now, we are reaching the limits where our warehouse can’t provide enough space anymore, hence we have made the tough decision of acquiring a much larger warehouse location that will fulfill our new shipping needs.  We are glad to also inform you that our new and improved location will help us truly fulfill our promise of offering even better, premium products while upkeeping great shipping standards.

PrimeCables Warehouse.jpg

The new head warehouse will be located at Vaudreuil-Dorion area at Quebec, which is 5X bigger in term of storage capacity than our current Montreal warehouse. Our schedule to move and renovate to our new location will start from December 6th until the end of December. During this time, we will temporarily stop offering local pickup as to focus on the renovations which will improve our services. Our local pickup service will reopen December 17th, 2018, at which point we welcome you to come and visit us again! warehouse.jpg

Lastly, we want to use this special moment to express our gratitude to all our customers, families and friends; we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support throughout all these years.  Our warehouse expansion will indeed bring us lots of positive changes to our service experience, it means we can handle a lot more orders, bigger items and faster, rocket speed shipping for our amazing customers.

123ink Warehouse.jpg


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