Do Sit / Stand Desks actually work? Let PrimeCables tell!


Before starting my article, I would like to show you some statistics that you might have not aware before, and some of the facts will directly impact to your health & work efficiency.

  • Average people spend 65% of time sitting over the past few years
  • Spend more than 10 hours work in a chair might increase the risks of disease
  • Research has shown that long hours sitting might have direct association to risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

The statistics are cleared about the facts how “over- sitting” might impact to our health as well as productivity, this is perhaps the reason why ergonomic environment concept has become such a trendy term where company are crazy about flexible break time or tools which allow employees to work in comfortably, but on the top that that, it is always recommendable that you still need to stand up more, “sit less and stand more” are the keys- quoted from health experts.

Due to the comfort workplace concept, many companies have realized how beneficial and ideal to allow employee to stand up while working, products like sit stand desk or uplift desk has become popular over the internet, with different prices, brands, and tag lines, it’s actually very confusing for customers to pick their right one, so how to choose the sit & standing desk that might work for you?

Wait a minute! So do the sit / stand desk actually work? According to the measure conducted by different researches across the world, it has clearly shown that too much sitting is bad for your muscle, in additional, standing actually help you to burn much more calories. If average adult burns extra 20 calories per day, then a week will be in a total of 100 calories, which can accumulate into an impressive number, and this is only for the people who stand only for 4 hours a day, so how to pick a nice sit / stand desk, you can always start with the following points:

  1. Price, price, price! You don’t need expensive gear to be healthy
  2. How much adjustment you can make from height & wide range for your desk
  3. Do the design avoids any dangers of clamping injury?
  4. Is that fast, quiet or portable?
  5. Does it support VESA, tilt, swivel, and rotation?
  6. Max weight support? Does the company cover the warranty?

By following this list, you should have a better idea about how to choose a standing desk.

Primecables sit stand desk
PrimeCables sit stand desk

The idea behind to reduce the time of sitting, is due to 1) to improve blood circulation and 2) to get muscle working, the perfect way to maintain a healthy balance, is by swapping both sitting and stand, and this is where the concept of sit stand desks kick in, spend some time not just by simply standing up, but to relax yourself by taking some exercise, by doing this repetitively, you will start to see the result of better sleep quality, moreover, you will start to feel the positive changes of your health, with a healthy mindset both physically and mentally, your overall productivity will be expected to improve!

If you are interested in this product, you can always check our product link as follow:

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