Apps to Use for Success in the Workplace

Do you need an extra kick to help you stay organized from work and play? Look no further, here are a few apps for your smartphone to help you get through the day!

MyFitnessPal: Eating right and staying fit is important for your health. That is why having a fitness tracker is useful to keep track what you’ve eat in one day. The app can give you a breakdown on the amount of sugars, protein, carbs on a specific food to make sure you’re eating right. The app is 100% free and can scan the barcode of your next meal.

Trello:  Is a collaboration tool used to that organizes projects into a board. Think of it as an online checklist where you can share a list of things to dos in the form of sticky notes with others.  Also if you’re familiar with Microsoft Office, Trello has collaborated with Microsoft to integrate Trello into their software.  

Slack: One of the most well known collaboration apps to work together with other professionals whether it’s on a specific project, event, or meeting with your team. A form of messaging that is professional, quick, and easy to use.  It can be a cheaper version of Skype, and can integrate several other apps into Slack including Google Docs, Dropbox, and etc.

Hootsuite: If you have a business and need to manage your online social media accounts, then Hootsuite will help you out. It can schedule your next post whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. throughout the day without using it manually and save you time from a busy day. Although mostly used on a laptop or desktop, they have the mobile app version on Android, IOS, and Blackberry.


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