5 tips for keeping your office organized

Keep only frequently used items at your desk
if there are any tools on your desk you’re not using everyday, but them away in your drawers. The less cluttered your desk is, the fewer distractions you will have.

Create a storage strategy
When you’re creating this storage strategy, ask yourself what will you be filing? And how often do you need to access these filed documents. Create a hierarchy for your files. For document you are currently working with, store them in an easily accessible drawer. Once you’re done with the document or file, lock it away where you will have it on record, but won’t have to worry about accessing it at any moment.

De-clutter as much as often as possible
If you find yourself with some down time towards the end of the week, instead of scrolling through your Facebook timeline for the billionth time, take some time to purge the junk around your office. This can be old post-it notes that have no relevance, or old files you can shred. Just double check you won’t need the items before you go ahead and chuck them

Recycle and reduce paper usage
Recycling is a great way to get rid of useless paper, in the most environmentally friendly way. Consider using digital storage systems, like dropbox.

Start fresh each day
Do a quick clean up at the end of the day, getting rid of any junk that may be lying around. When you arrive at the office the following day, you won’t feel cluttered or stressed out and can start your day off on the right foot!



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