More about Shopper+ S-Points Club

Recently many of our customers ask about s-points. Let me here explain more.

What are Shopper+ S-points bonus points?

Bonus points are offered as part of our Shopper+ S-points Club program and can be collected on the purchase of most items sold on our web sites, Earn 20 S-Points for every 1 dollar spent on our websites or make use of our promotions.

If you are familiar with Optimum, Indigo PLUM rewards, Air-miles or Aeroplan, here you are, S-points is almost the same thing, when you shop, you collect Shopper+ rewards points, which is called S-Points. However, our S-Points is with some featured differences.

The top biggest difference is that, the rewarding rate of S-points when you shop at any site of Shopper+, is often higher than any of other rewards card. With a basic rewarding rate 2%, and an extra 2% for reviewing products you’ve bought and used, we often promote sales with 5 x, 8 x, and even 10 x points.

The second biggest difference is the usage of our S-Points, you may use them as credit cash to buy directly from Shopper+ family sites, what’s more, you may use them to buy many gift cards such as iTunes, Cineplex, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and so on.

How to collect S-points?

Our goal is to make you save more. We want to help you earn as much as possible, as often as possible. Earn when you shop! Earn when you review! Earn every time you spend! For us, it’s all about you!

We also make it easy to keep your S-Points active until you’re ready to turn them into great rewards. Never Expires!


Your rewards, your choice.

We’re thrilled to offer rewards that are real, relevant and all yours. With so many ways to redeem, redeeming S-Points is simple.

You’ve earned those S-Points, so when you’re ready, you can redeem them toward great rewards or earn more.

Welcome to our Shopper+ S-points club to start shopping!

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